Presentation that have broad appeal are posted to this section periodically.  These presentations generally come from featured speakers at our monthly meetings at St. John of the Cross, but other presentations will be posted be here as well.

Social Media Presentations

Matt Kerr - Presentations from October 16, 2010

Matt Kerr is a professional recruiter and featured speaker.  Matt brings the recruiters perspective to the job search.  He tells you what he looks for as a recruiter when he is looking for candidates.  In the presentations listed below, Matt effectively demonstrates how to use the web more effectively in your job search.

This presentation provides an overview of Web 2.0 tools and describes how to use LinkedIN effectively. If you think you know everything about LinkedIN, just make sure by looking this presentation.

Using RSS feeds to find opportunities
This presentation is a step by step guide to setting up aggregator sites like SimplyHired and Indeed to continuously feed you new positions into your own job search portal powered by a free tool called netvibes. You can also use these techniques to "follow" companies you are interested in so you have additional intel when you get an interview.