Presentation that have broad appeal are posted to this section periodically.  These presentations generally come from featured speakers at our monthly meetings at St. John of the Cross, but other presentations will be posted be here as well.

Five Step Roadmap

Becky Brillon - Zoom Presentation from July 16, 2020

Becky Brillion was the featured speaker at our July 16th Zoom webinar.  She is a writer and the Program Director at Userhoff Insitute.  Becky provides a straight-forward, five-step roadmap to finding your next job.  She covers everything from a Self Assessment through to the Interview process itself.

Strategize Your Job Search: A Roadmap to Guide The Way
Click here to download Becky's roadmap (PDF).

Applicant Tracking System

Jim Fergle - Presentations from June 18, 2020

Jim Fergle from provided an in-depth overview of the nuts and bolts activities needed to find your next opportunity.  This presentation is full of great insight that provides insight into the employer's perspective and provides actionable steps you can take to land that next position.

Applicant Tracking Systems & Your Resume.
Click here to download Jim's presentation (PDF).